Product Review!

Hi guys,

I’m coming on today to review a product that was raved about by multiple people on YouTube videos that just did not work for me…


This was the Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara.  I got this in black pearl and according to this “volumizing formula is infused with black pearl pigments and coats lashes from root to tip for a full-fan effect”.  The website also says the “formula delivers deep intensity for the most concentrated color”.  I think this applies okay to my lashes, but it doesn’t do anything amazing for them. I’ve used this multiple times, and I often find myself reaching for a different mascara to add that length and separation that I want.  The main issue I have with this mascara is what happens when I go to wash it off. This mascara just flakes everywhere when I go to take it off. I’ve inserted some real life pictures of my face right after washing without wiping anything off so you can see the flakes all over my eyes.  This is after using a makeup removing wipe and washing my face with a cleanser that removes makeup and rinsing my face.  This is actually better than other times I used this mascara and attempted to wash it off as I had flakes all over my face other times I used it (maybe because I used less this time? not sure).


I don’t know if this is because of the color I chose or what, but I do not recommend this mascara. The website says it is “suitable for contact lens wearers”, but when it flakes everywhere like this and makes me worried about my eyes I would not use this if I also used contacts or had sensitive eyes.  If anyone else has had this problem or has had a good experience with this in the black pearl version let me know.  Maybe I got a dud? Whatever it is this is totally going in the trash because I can’t make myself use this when it doesn’t do anything great for my lashes and flakes like crazy.


2 thoughts on “Product Review!

  1. Everything EmmZeeBee Blog says:

    I have bought this mascara a couple of times before and really liked it. I can’t remember if it flaked or not, but definitely not good for contact wearers like you said! I think I remember it dries up quite quickly in the tube, so it’s best to use it every day so this doesn’t happen


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