Similar makeup (almost dupe?)


Hey guys! This isn’t quite a “dupe” I don’t think as the colors aren’t exactly the same, but I wanted to share some very similar lipsticks with you guys.  On the top swatched on my arm is a ColourPop lippie stix in the shade Aquarius.  Below it is a Mac lipstick in the shade Hug me.  I LOVE the Mac lipstick.  It was my first higher end lipstick I got when I was a teenager (don’t judge me, yes this is probably too old for me to still have) and it is a great shade it is listed as a flesh pink and is a lustre finish. This is great for an everyday look, and I’ve used it down to a little nub.  I didn’t want to finish it as I love it so much, but I found that it is very similar to Aquarius.  As you can see in the photo, the finish is a bit different.  Aquarius is listed as a soft pinky nude in the crème finish on the website.  I think the color and finish on the lips does end up very similar, with Aquarius being SLIGHTLY more nude, but if I put one on my top lip and one on my bottom lip they look the same.  I would recommend either of these to buy as they are both comfortable and beautiful.  I haven’t wear tested these for how long they last, but taking the swatches off my arm the ColourPop shade was actually more lasting.  I haven’t heard anyone really talk about the Mac lipstick Hug me, so let me know if you love this one too! I think there are some popular lipsticks people talk about, but I find myself loving others too :).


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