My February Makeup Focus

Hey guys!

I realized that I never shared about my February project pan on here! I posted a short video with the items I wanted to focus on for February on my YouTube, but never shared here.  So today I am going to tell you what I’ve been working on (can’t wait to do my update video with progress)!

I used a random number generator and a list of different types of products in order to pick 4 things to specifically work on for the month, and then added in some other products for an “everyday makeup bag” type of situation! So my four types chosen were “item from your favorite brand”, “lip product”, “something shimmery”, and “highlighter”.  For those four things I chose a MAC lipglass in pinkarat (favorite brand), a MAC lipstick in hug me (lip product), a Model Co blush in peach bellini (shimmery), and the Essence pure nude highlighter.

The other items I put in my everyday makeup bag were: a bumble and bumble hair creme, rimmel stay matte powder, mac eyeliner in teddy,  maybelline fit me concealer, nars laguna bronzer, mac blacktrack in fluidline, mac paint pot in bare study, five perfume samples, and an nyc mascara.

The list I used was of fifty-one items long! So if you’re interested in using a random number generator to find project pan items it is a pretty good one.  I found the list on YouTube as someone else was using it, and I link through to their video about it in the information of my video (


Here is the list if you’re interested and let me know what you think of this everyday makeup bag/project pan! Continue reading


Book Review: Modern Girls

I love to read.  I remember in the 3rd grade when I had a desk with a storage space attached that I would hold a book in my desk and read it. (Specifically I remember doing this with my Nancy Drew books!) So I am here today with a book review!


Title: Modern Girls

Author: Jennifer S. Brown

Genre: Historical fiction

Pages: 384

My Rating: 4.2/5

Plot Summary: Set in 1935, Dottie Krasinsky is a 19 year old Jewish girl in New York who has worked hard to be a modern girl and finds herself pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend.  She has to find a solution to this problem…  At the same time, we follow her mother’s story as she finds herself pregnant again as well.  Her mother’s struggle is that she thought she would soon be able to find her own life again with her children growing up, but she now has to start over again.  The family is Jewish, and struggling with their faith and belief that all children are sent from God.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book.  The beginning of the book was a bit slow, but the struggles of what do with unplanned pregnancies really captured my attention and kept me reading to see what would happen.  I think the story was well placed in the time period, and that it was purposefully set in the time period.  I don’t usually like novels written where you read the story from multiple viewpoints, but I didn’t mind it in this book. I think it did add to the story as the two women had very different experiences to share and they didn’t know everything about each other (so Dottie couldn’t tell everything about her mother, Rose, and vice versa).  This story may not be for everyone as there was discussion of abortions, so if that upsets you then you may want to skip it.  If you are interested in the time period and women working through issues, then read this!


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30 Day Challenge – Project Use It Up

Hi guys!

I wanted to come on today and share with you a 30 day challenge I set for myself.  I had a new body mist and a new mini lipstick that I wanted to use every day for 30 days and see how much visible use there would be.  I’ve recently done an inventory of my makeup products, and wanted to get an idea of how long it would take me to use some of these items.

I found out that I really like this body mist! I want to keep using it now, but I know I should go to some of my older scents and work on them… the struggle is real guys! Even though progress looks somewhat minimal, it felt like I was making progress quicker than on the lipstick.
Here is a link to the product on amazon if you’re interested:


Blissful Mistful

This lipstick came from the nude MAC holiday lip set so I thought it would be more nude, but it was definitely a pink color.  It was a matte, and I wasn’t applying it more than once a day usually but I did see some decent progress.  Not as much as expected though… I also found some good lipgloss combinations that I really liked! I’m happy to have this little guy in my collection!


Nouvelle Vogue

Has anyone else done any similar challenges or have ideas for other challenges I can do?
I did also do a video on this, so if you like videos better here you go:




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Lancôme Challenge Finished

Hi guys!
I finished my 7 samples of the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action moisturizer that is supposed to give firmer skin in one week.  Above are my photos from before the first day, right after the first day, and on day 7.  All are in natural sunlight, but obviously the lighting on day seven looks slightly different.  I almost think my skin looks better, but not sure if I think it looks firmer?

I do notice that my skin feels soft and plump when I am applying things to it, but I don’t know if I think the actual skin is firmer.  The sample packs did have a lot in them, so if you do ever get them then you may be able to use one pack more than once depending on the dryness of your skin (I would apply as much as I could comfortably in the morning and then apply what was left in the evening).

Let me know if you think that my skin looks firmer, if you have used this and think it’s great, or just generally if you think I should buy this and keep using it.

Although I’m not sure the moisturizer did as claimed I did like it so it was a fun challenge!

My MAC Lipstick Collection and Swatches!

Hey guys!

I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel of my MAC collection and lip swatches! I swatch the following lipsticks (in order) in the video:
1. Viva Glam II
2. Hug Me
3. Velvet Teddy
4. Whirl
5. Kinda Sexy
6. Creme Cup
7. Nouvelle Vogue
8. Llap
9. Syrup
10. Shy Shine
11. Girl About Town
12. Viva Glam IV
13. Retro
14. MAC Red
15. Lady Danger
16. Candycane
17. Russian Red
18. Diva
19. Rebel

Some of these were bought by me over the years and some were bought for me by my parents.  Quite a few of these are from holiday collections so they’re minis, and a couple are limited edition.  Let me know if you like the video or have any constructive comments ♥♥♥

Empties from January

Hi guys

Today I’m posting about the products I used up in January…


I mostly used up one use items, but I did use up some other items too! I used a sheet mask from my ipsy bag, a face mask from target, two samples of shampoo and conditioner, a lotion, a shower gel, a hair treatment, and face wipes.

Mini Reviews:

  1. I do not recommend these face wipes as they did not clean my face well/remove makeup well.  They are the “just the basics” facial towelettes.
  2. I liked the shower oil from L’Occitane and thought it smelled nice while also cleansing.
  3. The Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner sample did not feel like it washed or conditioned my hair well. I’m pretty sure I had to also use my normal shampoo/conditioner when I used this.
  4. The Garnier whole blends shampoo/conditioner was fine.  Not bad but not anything I’m running out to buy.
  5. I liked the Loverecipe sheet mask… I used this so long ago I don’t remember much about it! Guess I need to make notes when I use things.
  6. The lotion was from Ahava and said it had a “mood-boosting scent”… I don’t know if it boosted my mood but the scent was nice.  Other than the scent though I didn’t think this lotion performed amazingly.
  7. The conditioning treatment from Marc Anthony was nice.  I used it instead of conditioner when I was traveling and didn’t bring conditioner with me.  However, I don’t think it did anything much better than my conditioner does.
  8. The que bella cleansing mask was really nice.  It felt nice on my face and was easy to take off.  I don’t know that I noticed a whole lot of “deep cleansing” from it though.  What is deep cleansing? Who knows…


Let me know if you’ve used any of these products and loved them and think I need to try them more!

Lancôme Challenge

Hey guys!

I got a sample pack of the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action moisturizer.  It is supposed to give you firmer skin in one week, so I am going to use it as my moisturizer for the next week and see if I look any different.  Let me know if any of you have tried this moisturizer and seen results or have any tips!

I noticed when I applied the first sample pack that there was a bit more than I could use at one time, so I sealed it in a Ziploc bag and will apply what is left tonight (so most of the pack I’ll be applying every morning and then whatever I can’t use in the morning because it is too much on my face I will apply that night.  Also I did apply a good coating, so it wasn’t that much left in the pack, but I didn’t want to apply more than I felt could absorb or waste it).

Below are pictures in natural sunlight from before and right after using it the first time.  I’ll update you guys on day seven on how this goes!


Before application


Right after application