Empties from January

Hi guys

Today I’m posting about the products I used up in January…


I mostly used up one use items, but I did use up some other items too! I used a sheet mask from my ipsy bag, a face mask from target, two samples of shampoo and conditioner, a lotion, a shower gel, a hair treatment, and face wipes.

Mini Reviews:

  1. I do not recommend these face wipes as they did not clean my face well/remove makeup well.  They are the “just the basics” facial towelettes.
  2. I liked the shower oil from L’Occitane and thought it smelled nice while also cleansing.
  3. The Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner sample did not feel like it washed or conditioned my hair well. I’m pretty sure I had to also use my normal shampoo/conditioner when I used this.
  4. The Garnier whole blends shampoo/conditioner was fine.  Not bad but not anything I’m running out to buy.
  5. I liked the Loverecipe sheet mask… I used this so long ago I don’t remember much about it! Guess I need to make notes when I use things.
  6. The lotion was from Ahava and said it had a “mood-boosting scent”… I don’t know if it boosted my mood but the scent was nice.  Other than the scent though I didn’t think this lotion performed amazingly.
  7. The conditioning treatment from Marc Anthony was nice.  I used it instead of conditioner when I was traveling and didn’t bring conditioner with me.  However, I don’t think it did anything much better than my conditioner does.
  8. The que bella cleansing mask was really nice.  It felt nice on my face and was easy to take off.  I don’t know that I noticed a whole lot of “deep cleansing” from it though.  What is deep cleansing? Who knows…


Let me know if you’ve used any of these products and loved them and think I need to try them more!


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