Lancôme Challenge Finished

Hi guys!
I finished my 7 samples of the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action moisturizer that is supposed to give firmer skin in one week.  Above are my photos from before the first day, right after the first day, and on day 7.  All are in natural sunlight, but obviously the lighting on day seven looks slightly different.  I almost think my skin looks better, but not sure if I think it looks firmer?

I do notice that my skin feels soft and plump when I am applying things to it, but I don’t know if I think the actual skin is firmer.  The sample packs did have a lot in them, so if you do ever get them then you may be able to use one pack more than once depending on the dryness of your skin (I would apply as much as I could comfortably in the morning and then apply what was left in the evening).

Let me know if you think that my skin looks firmer, if you have used this and think it’s great, or just generally if you think I should buy this and keep using it.

Although I’m not sure the moisturizer did as claimed I did like it so it was a fun challenge!


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