30 Day Challenge – Project Use It Up

Hi guys!

I wanted to come on today and share with you a 30 day challenge I set for myself.  I had a new body mist and a new mini lipstick that I wanted to use every day for 30 days and see how much visible use there would be.  I’ve recently done an inventory of my makeup products, and wanted to get an idea of how long it would take me to use some of these items.

I found out that I really like this body mist! I want to keep using it now, but I know I should go to some of my older scents and work on them… the struggle is real guys! Even though progress looks somewhat minimal, it felt like I was making progress quicker than on the lipstick.
Here is a link to the product on amazon if you’re interested: http://amzn.to/2jrnrou


Blissful Mistful

This lipstick came from the nude MAC holiday lip set so I thought it would be more nude, but it was definitely a pink color.  It was a matte, and I wasn’t applying it more than once a day usually but I did see some decent progress.  Not as much as expected though… I also found some good lipgloss combinations that I really liked! I’m happy to have this little guy in my collection!


Nouvelle Vogue

Has anyone else done any similar challenges or have ideas for other challenges I can do?
I did also do a video on this, so if you like videos better here you go:




(affiliate link)


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