My February Makeup Focus

Hey guys!

I realized that I never shared about my February project pan on here! I posted a short video with the items I wanted to focus on for February on my YouTube, but never shared here.  So today I am going to tell you what I’ve been working on (can’t wait to do my update video with progress)!

I used a random number generator and a list of different types of products in order to pick 4 things to specifically work on for the month, and then added in some other products for an “everyday makeup bag” type of situation! So my four types chosen were “item from your favorite brand”, “lip product”, “something shimmery”, and “highlighter”.  For those four things I chose a MAC lipglass in pinkarat (favorite brand), a MAC lipstick in hug me (lip product), a Model Co blush in peach bellini (shimmery), and the Essence pure nude highlighter.

The other items I put in my everyday makeup bag were: a bumble and bumble hair creme, rimmel stay matte powder, mac eyeliner in teddy,  maybelline fit me concealer, nars laguna bronzer, mac blacktrack in fluidline, mac paint pot in bare study, five perfume samples, and an nyc mascara.

The list I used was of fifty-one items long! So if you’re interested in using a random number generator to find project pan items it is a pretty good one.  I found the list on YouTube as someone else was using it, and I link through to their video about it in the information of my video (


Here is the list if you’re interested and let me know what you think of this everyday makeup bag/project pan!

1. Item of your choice

2. Product in a palette

3. Deluxe sized item

4. Item in a color you don’t normally wear

5. Drugstore item

6. Highend Item

7. Cream product

8. Oldest Item in your collection

9. Perfume

10. Once of your most expensive items

11. Something hyped up on Youtube

12. Item from your favorite brand

13. Loose powder product

14. Something your have already hit pan on

15. Something in a previous project pan

16. New item in your collection

17. Something fun

18. Something purple

19. Lip product

20. Something you are loving now

21. Something you regret purchasing

22. Something you have never used before

23. Item that was a gift

24. Product with beautiful packaging

25. Something in a stick/tube

26. Something from an “indie” brand

27. Matte Product

28. Something glittery

29. Full sized item

30. Nail Polish

31. Single Eyeshadow

32. Bronzer

33. Chapstick/Lip Balm

34. Something shimmery

35. Item you have a love/hate relationship with

36. Item in your favorite color

37. Maybelline item

38. Tarte item

39. Urban Decay item

40. Sample product

41. Something you haven’t used in over 1 year

42. Everyday staple item

43. A neutral colored item

44. Something pink

45. Skincare item

46. Highlighter

47. Face primer

48. Something you want to buy a full size of/repurchase

49. 6 perfume samples

50. A product you dislike

51. Something orange


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