February Empties – My trash

Hey guys!

I used up things last month! Shocking, I know.  Most exciting for me was using up TWO lipsticks! I would recommend both of these lipsticks if you’re looking for some wearable colors.  They were Hug Me and Syrup from MAC.  Both are lustre finishes, and pretty easy to wear an reapply all day even if you’re going to work or doing something where you don’t want a bold lip color.


That was all the makeup I used up for the month, but I did use up some skincare items… I used up my 7 samples of the Lancôme moisturizer as I blogged about it so if you want to know more about that I have a post from the end of the challenge discussing using it (Lancôme Challenge).  I also finished up a cleansing lotion from Lush, which was very nice.  I’ve been using this since October as it was a pretty good size.  I liked this for cleansing.  It was easy to use and pretty gentle on my skin.  I have some other cleansing products to try now so I won’t repurchase at this point, but I would definitely recommend it.  I also tried out a nugg exfoliating mask, which I didn’t love or hate.  The sheet mask was nice, but I have others so I won’t be searching for more from them right now. (My husband gives me weird looks when I wear masks… He told me I looked scary when I did a mud mask the other day.  Sad. So I don’t use masks as much as I want because I have to prepare myself for the responses!) I loved the shower gel from l’Occitane! I would definitely purchase this as I loved the scent and it was fine at cleansing.  So wonderful! The Murad little bottle was a retinol serum, which I honestly can’t tell what it was doing versus other products in my skincare routine… so maybe someday I’ll try again.  Maybe not.



I hope you enjoyed getting to see my trash! Thanks for stopping by!



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