Sheet Mask Saturday!!

Hey guys!
So I received a pack of seven Reskin cosmetics sheet masks from and wanted to give you guys a mini review! This website is a place where you can enter to win products in exchange for a review.  I posted my review on the website and shared it on Facebook so this is an extra little share that is not a requirement.  When I entered for this product the requirement was that you have 100 Facebook friends or Instagram followers, but now I think you can just share on your Facebook or Twitter to enter (with no requirement on friends).

I unfortunately messed up when I entered and put in the wrong address… I was notified I won and was so excited, but when I got the email that I entered the wrong address I was so sad because they said they would be sending it to someone else. I replied back and they let me know they would send it to me anyway.  Yay! (Emotional rollercoaster right there guys) Then it came in the mail from Amazon this week… I’ve ordered a sunscreen from Amazon that is shipping from Japan with a huge range of possible delivery dates so I assumed it was that.  It was not.  I was somewhat annoyed thinking I had gotten sent the wrong thing from Japan lol. Luckily I figured out that it was my [Monday To Sunday] One Week Treatment Sheet Mask 7pcs pack.  Part of this confusion was because the website said there would be tracking, but there never was… anyway I was excited!


SOOOOO the important part.
The review:

I really wanted to use the mask for Tuesday that is a soothing mask, but my husband let me know I had to use Saturday’s mask since I tried this last night on Saturday.  The mask says, “Beginning of the wonderful weekend! Moisturize your skin and keep your skin moisturized and fresh. Glacier water containing abundant minerals will moisturize the dull and dried skin and makes it supple.”  COOL right? I opened the mask and essence squirted out! This is a good sign to me that there is a lot of essence present (although of course it would be best for it to stay on the mask…But there was not much left in the package after so seemed good 👍🏻).  The mask was thick which made it easy to unfold, but fit was not great on my cheeks. There were slits around the chin/cheek area, but I couldn’t get the mask flat. It did fit my nose though, which never happens for me 😂. The mask had a slight pleasant scent and I had it on for about 25 minutes and it didn’t dry out. My skin felt moisturized and smooth after and this feeling lasted until I went to bed (can’t say after that… I was asleep).  This set is easily found on Amazon, and does seem promising as a set.  I obviously have only tried one mask so far, but as I try more I will update you guys! The set is $17 with Prime shipping right now, so about $2.40 per mask.  Not bad at all and the packaging is so cute guys! I am in love with the little characters for every day. Let me know if you’ve tried these masks before or other things from the brand that you liked!

Also if you have tips for not looking like a serial killer when taking sheet mask selfies, please share.

(Amazon link is an affiliate…)


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