A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 1

Hey guys!
I’m starting a new challenge for myself of wearing a lipstick every day until I go through all my lipsticks.  Last time I counted I had less than 60 traditional lipsticks (meaning this didn’t include lip glosses, lip liners, liquid lipsticks), but I have bought some since then… I will be including my lip crayon type lipsticks in this challenge since they are very similar to the traditional bullet lipstick just in a different shape.  And I like them.  I made a video about this as well, but I’ll include the pictures here for you guys to see! I didn’t put any filters on these photos so please excuse any days where I obviously wore less other makeup or had not great lighting.

Day 1 I wore the Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Léché which I’ve worn a few times before.  It has a natural matte finish and is really nice!


On day 2 I wore Colourpop x Hello Kitty Lippie Stix (they’re called lippie stix, but I feel weird putting that for a single one of them?) in Konnichiwa.  I think this was the first time I wore this, but I might have worn it once before… It is a crème finish and was really nice!
On day 3 I wore the Nars x Sarah Moon Matte Lipstick in Indecent Proposal which I LOVED! I wore this when I tried it before buying it, but haven’t since then and it was amazing.  So nice to put on, so nice to wear, so nice of a color, it was just SO NICE.
Day 4 saw me wearing the Urban Decay Sheer Liar Sheer Revolution Lipstick which I’ve worn quite a bit and I really like for an easy everyday lipstick.
Day 5 is probably the worst picture and the one I liked least… It was the Colourpop x Hello Kitty Lippie Stix in Let’s Play. This is red with shimmer in it and I just didn’t like it that much in the daylight… (this was the first time I wore it) I will make it work though guys!
Day 6 I wore the Colourpop Lippie Stix in Parker which is a matte. It is really a nice color and this was my first time wearing it.  I bought this because of Elle S on YouTube who does a lipstick roulette and she has an excel sheet tracking her ratings with this one rated really high. So I bought it *shrugs*.  In the pictures it reminds me a bit of the Nars lipstick from earlier in the week, although not as amazing to apply it was similar in color (and obviously much cheaper).
Finally I wore the Colourpop x Alexis Ren Blotted Lip in Deja Vu on the last of the seven days.  I’ve worn this before, but I think in the past I’ve built it up a bit more.  I was rushed this day applying it so I just left it pretty sheer.  I think I like the lippie stix from colourpop more although this isn’t bad.
This idea is partially inspired by some old videos from the channel “Modern Martha by Kelsey” and I’ve also done my own 30 day challenge of wearing the same lipstick every day.  Let me know what you guys think of this new challenge!

4 thoughts on “A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 1

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful colors! I’m a little partial to the Hello Kitty one. I think it looks great on you, and I’m a little jealous… I CANNOT wear red lip stick. My coloring just doesn’t allow it. You pull it off beautifully!


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