A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 3

Hey guys!
I’m super behind on sharing my challenge here, but I’ll still break them up by weeks so I don’t post 30 lipsticks at once.  So I’m going back to week three today and have two more posts coming soon!

Day 1: Wet ‘n’ Wild Bare it All

This lipstick was so dry! It is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick which I have, so I am getting rid of it! Continue reading


Sheet Mask Sunday!

Hey guys!

I’m posting on a Sunday! What world is this?! Oh it is right, I’ve only used two masks this week.  My goal for next week is definitely to use more sheet masks!
I tried out some unimpressive masks this week too, which only makes it worse.

First was the apple monkey character mask from The Face Shop.  It was supposed to be a soothing face mask, and was really just okay.  Taking it out of the package it smelled familiar… I think it may have smelled like another face mask from The Face Shop, but I’m not sure which one.  I do think the fun aspect of the mask was there (yay skintertainment!), but it wasn’t a mask that I would recommend to anyone for an incredible soothing experience.  I also had some difficulty with the mouth area fitting right.  My skin did look nicely moisturized after, and the picture is cute right?  I would buy this again if I was going to use them with friends to have fun!


The other mask I used this week was the BioBelle #iwokeuplikethis mask.  Like the other BioBelle mask I used, this one said to rinse off after using it (I believe it actually said to wipe off the essence and then rinse).  I think this really ruins the experience.  I like being able to use the sheet mask as a last step in my routine or as almost the last step if I want to add some additional moisturizer after. I don’t want to have to wash my face a second time after taking off my sheet mask!  I wore this for 30 minutes and it did feel okay and was very wet with essence, but I just can’t get over having to wash/rinse my face after using these masks.  I don’t think I’ll buy any more of these.


Lip Product Declutter

Hey guys!

I’ve been doing my lipstick a day challenge for four weeks now and I’ve tried a lot of my lipsticks out.  I am definitely a lipstick lover.  I used to watch declutter or collection videos on YouTube and wonder how people ended up with 50 foundations… yet here I find myself with more lip products than that.  I only have one foundation though! (and a BB cushion and a BB cream… I needed some variety right?) For my lipstick a day challenge I’ve been trying to only use actual bullet lipsticks or lipstick crayons, but I’ve been trying out liquid lipsticks occasionally as well.  I might put on a liquid lipstick in the morning and then a bullet lipstick in the afternoon or vice versa.  Although this means I don’t always test the wear time of my lipsticks, I’m not too concerned.  I usually have plenty of time in my day when I can reapply a lipstick and I don’t mind reapplying if I like the color and formula.

Here are some of the products I am decluttering from my collection:

lip product declutter

If you’re following my challenge on YouTube I have talked about these already, but I now some people like blog posts instead.  These are all products that didn’t work for some reason. Continue reading

Sheet Mask Sunday (what day even is it?)

Hey guys! I know it is not Sunday. Did you know that Sunday was Easter? Yeah things are off.  I used two sheet masks last week, but unfortunately don’t even remember how one of them was because I used it late at night before a flight to LA and took no notes on it.  So I’m guessing it wasn’t incredible, but if you guys have tried this mask let me know if it was good! It was the Secret Nature Moisturizing mask and I honestly can’t remember anything about it.  As seen in the picture below it didn’t fit that well.  I didn’t feel dried out after my plane ride the next day so I’m guessing it helped with that? *shrug*


The next mask I do remember and loved! This was the Leaders Teatree Relaxing Renewal Mask.  It was so relaxing! My skin looked beautiful after, the mask fit great, and there was a bunch of essence.  I put this on then laid down in bed for 20 minutes before removing it and going to sleep.  I looked at my skin and it looked pretty and plump, and was great in the morning as well.  I have a whole pack of these that I purchased from Costco and I can’t wait to use one again.  Here’s to this week’s post going up on Sunday!


My March Trash! (reviews)


Hey guys! These are the items I used in March! I talk through all the items in the video below.  I would recommend the Tonymoly red wine sheet mask, Pixi glow tonic, Cosrx pimple patches, and Soap & Glory Vitamin C facial wash.  Definitely check out my video for a talk through of all the items!

Sheet Mask Sunday

Well this post is getting done on a Sunday… but the week was a fail.  I only used one sheet mask and it was not good.

I bought this sheet mask from SpaLife from Target, and was supposed to be brightening. Their website says “Papayas contain papain, an enzyme that has skin-brightening properties, making this natural fruit extract a perfect ingredient for a brightening facial mask. It’s rich in beta-carotene and phytochemicals too! Our colorful masks with aromatherapy will make boring beauty routines a thing of the past. Mask is paraben and sulfate free. We never test on animals.”


Although the packaging was super cute and it sounds great, this mask did not fit me at all and did not make a visible difference in my skin.  I almost feel like my skin looked greasy after… The mask was thick, and I couldn’t get it to lay on my face so there were spots on my cheeks I couldn’t even get it to be touching my skin.  Obviously those places didn’t get any help from the sheet mask since it wasn’t touching them!  And on the places it was touching my skin stung slightly from having the mask touching them. I did not keep this on for the recommended time, I took it off after a couple minutes because it was so terrible.

I would not buy this mask again.  Let me know if you’ve tried this mask or others from the line and had any better results!

A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 2

Hey guys!
I’m here today to share with you week two of my lipstick a day challenge!  I’ve made a video about my week and will break it down below the video if you want to read about it instead of watching!

On day 1 I wore MAC Lustre Lipstick in Shy Shine.  I thought this shade was no longer sold because I couldn’t find it on the MAC website, but it is still at Nordstrom.com so I guess it’s still available! Yay!  I really enjoy this lipstick, the finish is good and it is a great everyday color for me.

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Sheet Mask Sunday (on a Monday)

Looks like I’m a day late again on my sheet mask roundup! I’ve used these sheet masks as part of the theme of the #maskmadness challenge from @maskaddict and @mapletreeblog on Instagram.  The green tea sheet mask was for the drink day, and the coconut mask was for the nourishing day! If you already follow me on Instagram I did post there about these masks, and thanks for following me!

First up the Real Nature Green Tea purifying mask: Continue reading