Sheet Mask Sunday (on a Monday)

Looks like I’m a day late again on my sheet mask roundup! I’ve used these sheet masks as part of the theme of the #maskmadness challenge from @maskaddict and @mapletreeblog on Instagram.  The green tea sheet mask was for the drink day, and the coconut mask was for the nourishing day! If you already follow me on Instagram I did post there about these masks, and thanks for following me!

First up the Real Nature Green Tea purifying mask:

As visible in the picture the mask fit me terribly! I did fix it a bit after this picture, but it really was bad guys! The mask said it would soothe skin irritated by environmental stressors, refreshing and revitalizing skin.  The mask had a nice smell and A LOT of extra essence in the pouch. I used the extra essence all over my neck and arms, and used it to add extra moisture to the mask after wearing it for a bit.  The mask got rid of some redness in my cheek and chin area, and made me feel hydrated after use.  I’m not sure I would buy a lot of these masks with this bad of fit! I got this one in a buy 5 get 5 deal though so I’m okay with it…

Next up was the Secret Nature Nourishing Coconut Sheet Mask:

This one was so nice! It was supposed to provide nourishment to the skin and keep it feeling soft and smooth for hours. It was cooling when I applied it and lasted a long time. I took it off at 30 minutes, but it was still somewhat moist.  Again this mask fit terribly and had lots of extra essence.  I definitely felt hydrated, less red, and just generally happy with the mask.  I don’t know that my skin was very soft/smooth after, but still felt like it was an enjoyable mask.

Let me know if you’ve tried either of these masks or have any mask recommendations for me!


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