Sheet Mask Sunday (what day even is it?)

Hey guys! I know it is not Sunday. Did you know that Sunday was Easter? Yeah things are off.  I used two sheet masks last week, but unfortunately don’t even remember how one of them was because I used it late at night before a flight to LA and took no notes on it.  So I’m guessing it wasn’t incredible, but if you guys have tried this mask let me know if it was good! It was the Secret Nature Moisturizing mask and I honestly can’t remember anything about it.  As seen in the picture below it didn’t fit that well.  I didn’t feel dried out after my plane ride the next day so I’m guessing it helped with that? *shrug*


The next mask I do remember and loved! This was the Leaders Teatree Relaxing Renewal Mask.  It was so relaxing! My skin looked beautiful after, the mask fit great, and there was a bunch of essence.  I put this on then laid down in bed for 20 minutes before removing it and going to sleep.  I looked at my skin and it looked pretty and plump, and was great in the morning as well.  I have a whole pack of these that I purchased from Costco and I can’t wait to use one again.  Here’s to this week’s post going up on Sunday!



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