Lip Product Declutter

Hey guys!

I’ve been doing my lipstick a day challenge for four weeks now and I’ve tried a lot of my lipsticks out.  I am definitely a lipstick lover.  I used to watch declutter or collection videos on YouTube and wonder how people ended up with 50 foundations… yet here I find myself with more lip products than that.  I only have one foundation though! (and a BB cushion and a BB cream… I needed some variety right?) For my lipstick a day challenge I’ve been trying to only use actual bullet lipsticks or lipstick crayons, but I’ve been trying out liquid lipsticks occasionally as well.  I might put on a liquid lipstick in the morning and then a bullet lipstick in the afternoon or vice versa.  Although this means I don’t always test the wear time of my lipsticks, I’m not too concerned.  I usually have plenty of time in my day when I can reapply a lipstick and I don’t mind reapplying if I like the color and formula.

Here are some of the products I am decluttering from my collection:

lip product declutter

If you’re following my challenge on YouTube I have talked about these already, but I now some people like blog posts instead.  These are all products that didn’t work for some reason.

The NYX high voltage lipstick in Flawless is too close to my skin color to wear alone.  I considered keeping it to layer on top of other colors, but realized that I have other similar lipsticks that look okay on their own that I would rather keep.  The NYX soft matte lip cream in Athens is also not good for me.  It looked nice in the picture I took, but it was dry on the edges and in my lip lines so it looked chalky.  It felt fine, but I don’t want to wear something that doesn’t look good.  I know everyone loves these, so maybe there is a trick I don’t know?

The Republic Nail Frida Kahlo lipsticks in Viva and Inspiracion were lipsticks I bought purely for the packaging.  Look at it! It’s amazing! Unfortunately, the product itself is no good.  Both of these are very sheer and difficult to get any product to deposit on the lips.  I may keep these for display purposes, but at this point they are in my declutter pile.  The colors are an interesting orange metallic and a purple, but I have a purple lipstick I like and don’t think I’ll have many occasions to wear the metallic color (when I wore it I used it with the NYX high voltage lipstick over it to tone it down).

The Wet n Wild liquid catsuit in Coral Corruption is another product everyone loved.  I found this also looked really dry although it didn’t feel dry on my lips.  This was very patchy in application and I couldn’t get an even color.  It also did not go into my lip lines, so when I smiled my lips pulled apart and had lines with no product. Bummer. I’m also getting rid of the Wet n Wild Bare It All lipstick because it was very dry.  It is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy and I have the MAC lipstick and like it so I’m good.

The Maybelline color sensational shaping lip liner in Palest Pink is too light, and when I try to apply it the liner breaks!
The Too Faced Melted Metal in Tutu was also too light for me! I think this could have worked over something else, but it smelled and I just don’t care enough to keep it and work with it.

The Milani amore matte lip crème in Loved also SMELLED. This one looked fine on me, but I can’t get past the smell.  Other people recommended this on YouTube, and I just want to know if their noses work.  JK.

The Covergirl Katy Kat Matte lipstick in Catoure was fine, but nothing special.  It didn’t apply great and the color was nothing exciting. This is another product I bought because the packaging pulled me in, and I just think it is an okay product.  I have enough lipsticks I don’t need to keep one that isn’t something I really like because I will just never wear it.  Something else to think about is that if I do ever pick it to wear then a lipstick I really like won’t get worn.  They don’t deserve that! =P

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and liked them or not! This is an ongoing challenge so I do still have a few things I’m trying out.  I will probably do another one of these posts in a few weeks.



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