A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 2

Hey guys!
I’m here today to share with you week two of my lipstick a day challenge!  I’ve made a video about my week and will break it down below the video if you want to read about it instead of watching!

On day 1 I wore MAC Lustre Lipstick in Shy Shine.  I thought this shade was no longer sold because I couldn’t find it on the MAC website, but it is still at Nordstrom.com so I guess it’s still available! Yay!  I really enjoy this lipstick, the finish is good and it is a great everyday color for me.

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Sheet Mask Sunday (on a Monday)

Looks like I’m a day late again on my sheet mask roundup! I’ve used these sheet masks as part of the theme of the #maskmadness challenge from @maskaddict and @mapletreeblog on Instagram.  The green tea sheet mask was for the drink day, and the coconut mask was for the nourishing day! If you already follow me on Instagram I did post there about these masks, and thanks for following me!

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A Lipstick a Day Challenge Part 1

Hey guys!
I’m starting a new challenge for myself of wearing a lipstick every day until I go through all my lipsticks.  Last time I counted I had less than 60 traditional lipsticks (meaning this didn’t include lip glosses, lip liners, liquid lipsticks), but I have bought some since then… I will be including my lip crayon type lipsticks in this challenge since they are very similar to the traditional bullet lipstick just in a different shape.  And I like them.  I made a video about this as well, but I’ll include the pictures here for you guys to see! I didn’t put any filters on these photos so please excuse any days where I obviously wore less other makeup or had not great lighting.

Day 1 I wore the Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Léché which I’ve worn a few times before.  It has a natural matte finish and is really nice!

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Sheet Mask Sunday!

Hey guys! I know last week I posted a sheet mask Saturday, but this week we’re doing it on Sunday!

I am going to do a quick review of two different sheet masks I used this week. The first sheet mask was the Biobelle #staygorgeous sheet mask and the second sheet mask was the Tonymoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care (that is all the words on the sheet mask guys!).  I used these masks to fit in with the theme of a #maskmadness challenge on Instagram from @maskaddict and @mapletreeblog.  The Biobelle mask was for the colorful day, and the Tonymoly mask was for the purple day.  I didn’t do all the days of this challenge by any means, but I thought it was a fun challenge to inspire people to use their sheet masks. I know that a lot of people have no problem with this, but for me it can be somewhat difficult to use my sheet masks.  I’m pretty sure my husband thinks sheet masks (really masks in general) are/look ridiculous, so I’m usually using them when he is occupied with other things.  Right now the other thing is his new Zelda video game. If you already follow me on Instagram I did post there about these masks, and thanks for following me!

First off this week was the Biobelle mask.  I got this in an Ipsy bag I purchased and thought the packaging really delivered in the cuteness factor.  I loved the stripes and flowers, and really wanted to like this mask.  I started by reading the instructions of course, and was interested to see that it said to rinse after taking the mask off.  This is the first sheet mask I’ve used to say this.  I just went to the website to look at this mask, and saw that it is supposed to prepare the skin for a “flawless makeup application”, so I suppose in that case I might want to rinse off any residue? Anyway, the other claims listed are that “Vitamin E improves the skin’s ability to fight off free radicals, helping to protect against environmental aggressors that can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Almond oil softens & moisturizes, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.” So some pretty high claims to live up to in my book.  Unfortunately this mask did not live up to those claims.  The fit of this mask was wonderful for me, but afterward my skin felt slightly sticky.  Upon rinsing my skin looked flat and not glowing or moisturized.  Also, I had a sensitive area on the side of my nose/under my nostril that still hasn’t really cleared up completely.  I applied moisturizer after rinsing this off, and I applied more than usual as my skin really soaked it up.  Overall, I wouldn’t repurchase this mask.

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Book Review: The Book of Etta



Title: The Book of Etta

Author: Meg Elison

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 314

My Rating: 3.5/5

Plot Summary: The main character of this novel lives in a future where a plague has completely changed the world, greatly reducing the number of women and making childbearing dangerous.  The world is now composed of small pockets of life cut off from each other and unaware of how others are living.  Etta brings us on her journeys scavenging items from other areas and saving girls from slavers, which she finds as her calling in life.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book, but didn’t realize until the end that it was a sequel to a previous book.  This was not clear from the cover, and was only in one small area inside the book that I did not notice when I picked it up.  The main character of the first book in this series is actually referenced in the story and she has written her own book that is read by the people who live in Etta’s village.  I believe if you read the first book it would make this book much clearer, but I didn’t.  I still did find this book to be an enjoyable read, however not for the reasons I expected.  I was interested in the story of how people were living and surviving after this plague, but instead the book focused more on how the plague affected things like gender identity. Etta is struggling in a world where women are sacred, but she identifies as a man.  This theme runs throughout the book, and kept me interested to see what the characters would do in their own individual situations.  There was violence throughout this novel as we follow Etta along in her journey seeing how various villages are handling the plague differently.  However, I would have preferred a post-apocalypse story like I expected! I’ll have to find one of those to read soon… Leave a recommendation if you have one.  At this time I don’t know if a third book is going to be released in this series, but it seems like there is one planned. I would recommend this book if you are interested in reading about a post-apocalyptic world where the main changes are to gender roles and expression of gender.

Have you read The Book of Etta or The Book of the Unnamed Midwife?

Sheet Mask Saturday!!

Hey guys!
So I received a pack of seven Reskin cosmetics sheet masks from www.08liter.com and wanted to give you guys a mini review! This website is a place where you can enter to win products in exchange for a review.  I posted my review on the website and shared it on Facebook so this is an extra little share that is not a requirement.  When I entered for this product the requirement was that you have 100 Facebook friends or Instagram followers, but now I think you can just share on your Facebook or Twitter to enter (with no requirement on friends).

I unfortunately messed up when I entered and put in the wrong address… I was notified I won and was so excited, but when I got the email that I entered the wrong address I was so sad because they said they would be sending it to someone else. I replied back and they let me know they would send it to me anyway.  Yay! (Emotional rollercoaster right there guys) Then it came in the mail from Amazon this week… I’ve ordered a sunscreen from Amazon that is shipping from Japan with a huge range of possible delivery dates so I assumed it was that.  It was not.  I was somewhat annoyed thinking I had gotten sent the wrong thing from Japan lol. Luckily I figured out that it was my [Monday To Sunday] One Week Treatment Sheet Mask 7pcs pack.  Part of this confusion was because the website said there would be tracking, but there never was… anyway I was excited!


SOOOOO the important part.
The review:
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February Empties – My trash

Hey guys!

I used up things last month! Shocking, I know.  Most exciting for me was using up TWO lipsticks! I would recommend both of these lipsticks if you’re looking for some wearable colors.  They were Hug Me and Syrup from MAC.  Both are lustre finishes, and pretty easy to wear an reapply all day even if you’re going to work or doing something where you don’t want a bold lip color.


That was all the makeup I used up for the month, but I did use up some skincare items… I used up my 7 samples of the Lancôme moisturizer as I blogged about it so if you want to know more about that I have a post from the end of the challenge discussing using it (Lancôme Challenge).  I also finished up a cleansing lotion from Lush, which was very nice.  I’ve been using this since October as it was a pretty good size.  I liked this for cleansing.  It was easy to use and pretty gentle on my skin.  I have some other cleansing products to try now so I won’t repurchase at this point, but I would definitely recommend it.  I also tried out a nugg exfoliating mask, which I didn’t love or hate.  The sheet mask was nice, but I have others so I won’t be searching for more from them right now. (My husband gives me weird looks when I wear masks… He told me I looked scary when I did a mud mask the other day.  Sad. So I don’t use masks as much as I want because I have to prepare myself for the responses!) I loved the shower gel from l’Occitane! I would definitely purchase this as I loved the scent and it was fine at cleansing.  So wonderful! The Murad little bottle was a retinol serum, which I honestly can’t tell what it was doing versus other products in my skincare routine… so maybe someday I’ll try again.  Maybe not.



I hope you enjoyed getting to see my trash! Thanks for stopping by!


My February Makeup Focus

Hey guys!

I realized that I never shared about my February project pan on here! I posted a short video with the items I wanted to focus on for February on my YouTube, but never shared here.  So today I am going to tell you what I’ve been working on (can’t wait to do my update video with progress)!

I used a random number generator and a list of different types of products in order to pick 4 things to specifically work on for the month, and then added in some other products for an “everyday makeup bag” type of situation! So my four types chosen were “item from your favorite brand”, “lip product”, “something shimmery”, and “highlighter”.  For those four things I chose a MAC lipglass in pinkarat (favorite brand), a MAC lipstick in hug me (lip product), a Model Co blush in peach bellini (shimmery), and the Essence pure nude highlighter.

The other items I put in my everyday makeup bag were: a bumble and bumble hair creme, rimmel stay matte powder, mac eyeliner in teddy,  maybelline fit me concealer, nars laguna bronzer, mac blacktrack in fluidline, mac paint pot in bare study, five perfume samples, and an nyc mascara.

The list I used was of fifty-one items long! So if you’re interested in using a random number generator to find project pan items it is a pretty good one.  I found the list on YouTube as someone else was using it, and I link through to their video about it in the information of my video (https://youtu.be/pPjTTNnJIvU).


Here is the list if you’re interested and let me know what you think of this everyday makeup bag/project pan! Continue reading

Book Review: Modern Girls

I love to read.  I remember in the 3rd grade when I had a desk with a storage space attached that I would hold a book in my desk and read it. (Specifically I remember doing this with my Nancy Drew books!) So I am here today with a book review!


Title: Modern Girls

Author: Jennifer S. Brown

Genre: Historical fiction

Pages: 384

My Rating: 4.2/5

Plot Summary: Set in 1935, Dottie Krasinsky is a 19 year old Jewish girl in New York who has worked hard to be a modern girl and finds herself pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend.  She has to find a solution to this problem…  At the same time, we follow her mother’s story as she finds herself pregnant again as well.  Her mother’s struggle is that she thought she would soon be able to find her own life again with her children growing up, but she now has to start over again.  The family is Jewish, and struggling with their faith and belief that all children are sent from God.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book.  The beginning of the book was a bit slow, but the struggles of what do with unplanned pregnancies really captured my attention and kept me reading to see what would happen.  I think the story was well placed in the time period, and that it was purposefully set in the time period.  I don’t usually like novels written where you read the story from multiple viewpoints, but I didn’t mind it in this book. I think it did add to the story as the two women had very different experiences to share and they didn’t know everything about each other (so Dottie couldn’t tell everything about her mother, Rose, and vice versa).  This story may not be for everyone as there was discussion of abortions, so if that upsets you then you may want to skip it.  If you are interested in the time period and women working through issues, then read this!


(Affiliate) Link to buy: http://amzn.to/2lzD650