Hi everyone who is reading this… I just wanted to send out an apology to you all for being so silent over the last five weeks or so.  I am going to finish out my lipstick challenge on here over the next few days, but all the videos are up on my youtube if you want to go watch them!

I have some reviews of sheet masks to post as well and will try to get caught up on some book reviews (but I have also been posting videos of books I’ve read with mini reviews).

In June I did go on a no-buy for makeup and I didn’t buy anything new.  I didn’t buy much skincare during June, but I did buy some things… My goal here was just not to add too many new items to my collection. For me personally, when buying skincare items I do feel that I can buy items and get through them however makeup is a longer lasting item that will be harder for me to get through.  So that is why I was a bit more lenient with buying skincare vs. makeup. (I bought a Vitamin C serum, and my old one did run out a week later, and I bought the Stratia Liquid Gold in case you were wondering!)

Anyway, that is my little update and apology as well as my hope to post more consistently once again! Thanks for stopping by.



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