Book Review: Modern Girls

I love to read.  I remember in the 3rd grade when I had a desk with a storage space attached that I would hold a book in my desk and read it. (Specifically I remember doing this with my Nancy Drew books!) So I am here today with a book review!


Title: Modern Girls

Author: Jennifer S. Brown

Genre: Historical fiction

Pages: 384

My Rating: 4.2/5

Plot Summary: Set in 1935, Dottie Krasinsky is a 19 year old Jewish girl in New York who has worked hard to be a modern girl and finds herself pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend.  She has to find a solution to this problem…  At the same time, we follow her mother’s story as she finds herself pregnant again as well.  Her mother’s struggle is that she thought she would soon be able to find her own life again with her children growing up, but she now has to start over again.  The family is Jewish, and struggling with their faith and belief that all children are sent from God.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book.  The beginning of the book was a bit slow, but the struggles of what do with unplanned pregnancies really captured my attention and kept me reading to see what would happen.  I think the story was well placed in the time period, and that it was purposefully set in the time period.  I don’t usually like novels written where you read the story from multiple viewpoints, but I didn’t mind it in this book. I think it did add to the story as the two women had very different experiences to share and they didn’t know everything about each other (so Dottie couldn’t tell everything about her mother, Rose, and vice versa).  This story may not be for everyone as there was discussion of abortions, so if that upsets you then you may want to skip it.  If you are interested in the time period and women working through issues, then read this!


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